About Us

Wrixty Takes pride in providing authentic Organic products for beauty in and out! This direct and simplistic approach makes our products highly effective, easy to understand, and extremely affordable for everyone.

Wrixty aims to solve common skincare and personal care concerns with its range of natural products.

Discover the benefits of plant-derived actives and give your skin and hair gentle care using pure and unadulterated herbal powders and essential oils. Real Ingredients, Real Results is what we at Wrixty yearn for.

Wrixty vision isn't to create the best products. It is to create the best version of people.Everything we do is centered on our commitment to safely providing high-quality beauty products to help people become their best selves and enjoy life's adventures. Our formulas are carefully crafted by revered scientists, after understanding what customers need and hand-picking natural ingredients that go the distance in every way.